Want to DIY with a *bit* more style?

Here are some articles I've written to help you do just that! You'll find copywriting tips and templates as well as a handy worksheet or three. Got a question? Can't find what you need? Let me know here and I'll create a new resource.

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How changing this one thing in my business changed everything

Starting my own copywriting business was hands down the best decision I ever made. It was also the easiest one.   I’d left my job in corporate communications to have baby #2, and we’d recently made the move from Melbourne back to Adelaide to be closer to family. An old friend got in touch to…

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How to Write The Perfect About Page (+ a handy template)

  You’ve just stumbled upon a gorgeous website. You love the design and the way it feels. You want to find out more about the business and the people behind it.   Where do you go next? Yep, straight to the About page.   If a homepage is the storefront for your business, then the About page is your staff…

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Get glowing testimonials + free scripts

You’ve just set up your business. Your brand new website looks and feels fantastic. You’ve spent countless hours labouring over the content and tweaking your offerings and it all sounds just right.   Your heart is positively bursting out of your chest as you get ready to go live and share your amazing product or…

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Dealing with blogger’s block

  You haven’t written a blog post in a while.   You know you’ll need to touch base with your readers soon or they’ll forget who you are.   But what are you going to write about?   You start looking around the room for inspiration. You wonder what things your readers really want to…

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Things just got real

  Welcome to my little corner of the internet – I’m so pleased you’re here! Since falling pregnant with my first child in 2008, and putting my corporate communications career on hold, I’ve been slowly (but steadily) building my own copywriting and editing business. I feel so fortunate to be able to stay at home with my two kids…

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How to write emails that get noticed – not deleted

    Writing effective emails is really tricky. I’d go so far as to say it’s actually a bit of an art form.   None of us have time to read the dozens of daily messages swirling around in our inboxes as it is. Sometimes we don’t even get to the ones that are important…

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