Zero effort email scripts for next level results

Want to move your business forward? Wish you could write emails that make you feel fierce yet sound super friendly? Now you can.


Use my scripts and nail your emails like a total pro.


These done-for-you scripts will give you the words (and courage) to communicate exactly what you want in your business with confidence and clarity. No more stalling and stressing or feeling stuck over what to say or how to say it - or even how to spell it. I’ve done all the hard-word work for you.


Tweak and personalise them to suit your needs and your own personal style.


They will save you time and hassle and get results.


They won’t clean your office or make you any cuter (you’re already cute enough).

Hard To Write Emails Made Easy_Cover

Pack 1: Hard to write emails made easy

7 scripts to help you get what you want without sounding desperate, aggressive or whiny


Sending tough emails isn’t fun for anyone! But before you can send them, you have to actually write them and those tedious, tricky and time-consuming emails can slow everything down in your business and ended up costing you money.


Well, friend, fret no more because I’ve done all the hard-word work for you! My done-for-you emails will help you save time (and face) as you slay some of the stickier situations that inevitably arise in business. No more stalling or stressing over what to say or how to say it - or even how to spell it. These scripts are soaked with respect yet still seriously assertive, which will make you feel like a total business badass - in the best possible way.


Inside you’ll find scripts to help you:

→ get paid by that client who always goes MIA on payday

→ say ‘no’ dammit! in the most charming possible way

→ get that all-around awkward convo out of the way



Essential Emails Made Simple_Cover

Pack 2: Essential emails made simple

7 Scripts to help you connect, collaborate and call in favours


These email scripts will help you confidently connect with the people who matter most to your business growth. They’re stuffed with suped-up sentences that’ll ensure you feel friendly yet fearless and like a total business badass - in the best possible way.


Inside you’ll find scripts to help you:


→ collect killer testimonials

→ invite awesome peeps to collaborate with you

→ connect with fab peeps and ask for referrals



Functional Business Emails Made Fun_Cover

Pack 3: Functional emails made fun

7 scripts to save you time and move things forward in a fast, yet friendly fashion.


It’s easy to put off the important (but boring) bits in business - like writing operational emails. You know, the ones that make your systems run smoother and smarter? Well, stress no more, I’ve taken the strain out of some of that stuff for you.


These email scripts will put your business on autopilot while ensuring your client experience feels fancier than a first-class flight. Stuffed with strategic sentences that’ll take your message from bland to bang-on, all you have to do is plug and play.


Inside you’ll find scripts to help you:


→ connect with new peeps and grow your networks

→ reconnect with old peeps and strengthen your networks

→ stay connected to your networks and keep your bank account happy



Email Script Bundle

The Bundle: Want the lot?