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Working with Amie was the best investment I could have made!


I hired her to write a sales page for my new eBook Magical Birthdays and the whole process, from start to finish, was so easy and fun but it was the results that really blew me away. I now have a beautiful sales page that does all the hard work for me and keeps on selling 24/7!! It can be tricky talking about yourself and your work but Amie makes it effortless. She’s easy-going, super responsive and always happy to help. I can’t recommend Amie highly enough!


Natalie Trusler | Author, Creative Mentor and Online Course Creator


Amie’s word-slinging skills are nothing short of magic!!

I've never worked with a copywriter as amazing as she is, she is beyond gifted and went over and above everything I could have imagined! Amie almost telepathically knew exactly how to articulate everything I'm about and transformed that into the most mind-blowing content ever!!

From the moment my site went live, I’ve had a constant stream of high-end clients booking in discovery calls to work with me! In the first month, a woman sent me an email saying "Read your story. Where do I sign?" - she is still my biggest client to this day!

Not only did she play an integral role in bringing my brand to life, but her killer copy has also generated a huge amount of clients for me!... Never underestimate the power of words!

No words can express how truly grateful I am to Amie and her cosmic copywriting skills!


Sam Bishop | Intuitive Business Coach and Marketing Magic Maker


Amie is the most beautiful wordsmith.


She takes your ideas, words and vision and creates an incredible work of art. She knew exactly how to get to the root of what I was trying to articulate and has been such an incredible SUPPORT in getting my new online program resonating with the right people. I HIGHLY recommend Amie and her amazing copywriting skills. Thank you so much again for EVERYTHING Amie!!

Amie definitely does not provide a 'deliver and run' service, she gives extensive additional time to ensure her beautiful words are working hard for you.


Jessica Crino | Conscious Parenting Coach


Amie nailed it!


A colleague recommended Amie to me for an upcoming summit I was launching. I needed copywriting for the promo material which went out to over 100k people, so the copy was a critical piece to attract the right people over to the summit. She understood my message, personality and the outcome I wanted. Plus she turned the job around fast and the whole process was easy and effortless for me.

I would recommend Amie to anyone who is looking for the right copy and a sprinkle of fairy dust to draw out the magic in your work.


Vesna Hrsto ND | Naturopath + Life Coach

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Amie is the fairy 'word'mother in my business! !


She magically articulates what I want people to know about me, my programs and my business so much better than I can. One of the big concerns I had about working with a copywriter was that I didn't want to lose my vibe and sound salesy but when I first read through the sales page and email copy Amie had 'joojed' up for me, it sounded even more like me than my own copy had! But the best thing was that the sales page conversions, email open and click through rates all improved with Amie's copy! I couldn't have been happier!

It felt like such a huge load had been lifted to outsource my launch copy and the whole process of working with Amie was so easy and efficient..


Jess | Natural Super Kids


As well as an awesome copywriter, Amie has become a trusted business adviser.

Writing promotional copy for your business is so much harder and more nuanced than you think. I was getting bogged down in all the technical details and forgot I was marketing to 'real' people with their own set of motivations and problems to solve. Prior to a big launch, a friend recommended I get in touch with Amie and I'm so glad I did!  Her words are the perfect blend of engaging and informative - stories and strategy. Add a healthy dose of humour and quirkiness and you get copy that actually converts!

Amie's writing connects, sympathises, recognises, persuades and encourages my followers in a way that I've never been able to achieve myself.  I was concerned my copy wouldn't sound like me but she has a knack for getting inside my head and putting my personality on the page.

Ideas constantly flow out of me like a running tap and I have a habit of giving away too much for free. But with Amie's guidance, I've learnt to rein in my overly-generous nature so I can bottle my knowledge and market my products and services for bigger profits instead of letting all that goodness drain out into the digital abyss!

TBH I don't know where I'd be today without Amie's expert skills and guidance and I'm looking forward to more collaboration in the future!

Charlotte Reeves | Pet Photographer at


Amie's magical copywriting increased enrolments by 120 students.

I hired Amie to write a new sales page for my popular program Energy.Motion.Flow: The Beauty of Alcohol Inks and Beyond. Amie came HIGHLY recommended. She ‘got’ me right away and wrote copy that truly spoke to my audience and resulted in 120 more enrolments than any of my previous launches! 

Amie was reliable and patient and always happy to make any changes I asked for. I could not be more happy with the results!

Alexis Bonavitacola | Artist and Online Course Creator at



Get Amie in your corner if you want your message to connect with the right people.

Right away I loved Amie's enthusiasm and energy for what she does. She took the time to really get to know me and my business. She kept me up to date throughout the entire project so there were no surprises and communication was always easy. And then... she absolutely nailed the copy! Amie crafted the perfect words that speak directly to my target audience, while also adhering to the guidelines of my industry. I happily refer Amie because I know she gets the work done and she’ll do a quality job, every time. I highly recommend having a professional take all the stress out of writing for you and then make your words sound so much better. Thanks, Amie, I look forward to a long working relationship with you!

Amie took my words and gave them clarity - and just the right amount of strategy - and it brings me great comfort knowing that my client's needs are firmly at the forefront of it all.

Sally Gole | Acupuncturist, Hypnotherapist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner at



When it comes to recommending copywriters to my design clients, Amie Turner Ink is at the top of my list! And here is why: Good copy makes a project run smoothly, quickly and with ease (you know, making my job easier!). Her copy is punchy, creative and completely BS free, and clients totally love her.

If you are looking for copy to stand out and get your project up and running fast - Amie is your girl. I recommend her and her amazing skills 100%.

Ellissa Jayne | Designer + ideas lady at


I initially hired Amie to work her magic with my website copy and from our very first meeting, I knew I was in good hands. She asked all the right questions and very quickly understood exactly what I was looking for from her. When I got the copy back I couldn’t believe the difference - it was so much more ‘me’, had great structure and very clear messaging. For the first time ever I am excited - and proud - of my website copy.

Amie was an absolute joy to work with and met every deadline. I highly recommend her for any website copywriting you need. 

Jody Bund | Healthcare Business Strategist at

Kath Hocking


Amie is a strategic copywriter who excels in taking your message to the next level by refining its voice, nuance and flow. Amie is someone who I trust implicitly and recommend without hesitation - she would be an asset to your team.

Kathryn Hocking | Soulful Launching Mentor at



Amie is reliable and works fast, but the best thing about working with her is how confident I feel when I send out my sales copy. I love knowing it’s well written and optimised for sales. Give her something you've been struggling to write and let her work her magic – you wont regret it!  

Amie blends smart marketing with authentic copy to perfection!

Danielle Omar | Dietician + Nutrition Educator


I'm confident now that my message matches my purpose.

I knew writing my own copy was going to keep me stuck and not fully confident in putting myself out there. I’d heard great things about Amie, but the copy she gave me really blew me away. She understood my vibe and purpose exactly and turned everything around so quickly. She was fun and easy to work with and everything just flowed so well. I know that anyone reaching my site will get a clear vibe and understanding on how we will work together on their business. If you’re thinking about working with Amie, Do it! You will not regret it.

Amie has a way of getting inside your brain and projecting all that magic onto a page that sums you and your business up perfectly.

Claire Solomon | Brand + Marketing Strategist at


I always go to Amie when I need quality copy. 

Before working with Amie my website was written for other industry professionals, it was full of facts and credentials which would mean very little to the audience I wanted to connect with. Amie is a wonderfully cheerful and curious copywriter who helped me understand how to reach my audience better through written word.

It’s important for me to be authentic, non-judgemental and congruent with my message and this is exactly what Amie creates.

Julia Nowland | Relationship Therapist


Hiring Amie was worth every cent.

I was feeling overwhelmed with all the copy I had to produce for the launch of my new program. I’d never worked with a copywriter before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was cautious about paying a lot for something that might not sound or feel like my own voice - but, that wasn’t the case at all. The copy Amie produced was fantastic and it was such a relief to have that huge task taken off my plate. Amie is very easy to communicate with and fast to respond, which is super important to me. I’m a firm believer in outsourcing and it's wonderful having someone I can trust to help with this part of my business.

I don’t feel so stressed now knowing I have someone in my corner to make what I have to say sound so much better!

Kim Hartz | Photographer + Business Coach


A month after I uploaded Amie's copy, my business grew beyond my expectations.

Amie is an absolute pleasure to work with and really understands the importance of authentic copy in online marketing. She captured my voice perfectly but it’s much more polished and flows so much better.

If you’re not feeling confident in your copy then it's worth investing with Amie to refine your words. I recommend Amie’s copywriting and editing services without hesitation.

Sam Cannell | Holistic Wellness Coach |


I hired Amie to help me with the sales copy for the launch of my new book Web Words & Wanderlust. I was staggered by just how much she ‘got’ me and my voice. Her writing was truly excellent, which was a big deal for me, because I’m precious about my voice. The copy she wrote fitted in so seamlessly with the words I’d already put down, but also elaborated and clarified the product. I was left with a sales page I can be really proud to put out there and I have absolute confidence her input will help my sales convert better. You need to work with her!

Amie’s fresh perspective was incredible, she introduced clarity and fun and completely reenergised the launch for me.

Kris Emery | Editor + Writer


Amie delivered copy that jumped off the page with energy and enthusiasm.

Amie was referred to me by a dear friend and fellow entrepreneur, so I had absolutely no doubt she'd turn my standard, run-of-the-mill writing into something spectacular. And that is exactly what happened. Amie was responsive and clear on her deliverables - and she met every deadline without fail. I was never left wondering if we'd get it all done and felt completely at ease during the entire process. If you're wondering if Amie will deliver...don't. Her talent for creating copy that hits the mark, coupled with her professionalism, is exactly what you need.

Trust that you were led to her for a reason and make the leap.

Mina Fies | Founder + CEO Synergy Design & Construction + Feng Shui Consultant 


I'm proud to send people to my website.

Aside from the fact that her words are magic... the whole experience of working with Amie is super relaxed and easy. The process was simple and well explained, with no hidden surprises. My web copy, and my online home feels like it's totally me again. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to work with Amie, DO IT!!! Book in for a chat and once you meet her, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Not only is Amie a wordsmith extraordinaire, she is also an absolute pleasure to work with.

Sue Muller | Founder of Smile Chickie 


I’d heard about Amie from others in my network and was confident she would be a great fit, and I was right. Communication was easy, she made everything seem doable and it all worked seamlessly. Outsourcing to someone whose expertise and zone of genius is copywriting is a great investment. It not only helps you get all the swirling information out of your head by forcing you to explain it to someone – therefore bringing clarity – it also means that you can get back to running your own business and doing what you do best. 

If you’re thinking about working with Amie, go for it, you’ll wish you had done it sooner.

Nikki Clark | Brand + Marketing Strategist


We engaged Amie to write some promo material for us during our last launch. I’d never worked with a copywriter before so I didn’t really know what to expect, but she put me at ease from the get go. She asked all the right questions and understood what I was after, which made the whole process very easy and stress-free. Not only did Amie save us time during a busy period, she was super accommodating and professional – she was just a delight to work with. 

It’s obvious she has a genuine passion for each business she works with and this is reflected in the quality work she produces. If you’re thinking of hiring Amie, definitely go for it, you won’t regret it.

Li-Ann Scott | Designer + Founder awesome bedding brand


I consider myself a good writer, but with the launch date of my signature program looming, I knew I’d need help to get it all done. After a few conversations with Amie, I handed over what I’d done so far, along with my overall vision for the launch. She understood right away exactly what I wanted and after the first couple of pieces of work came through I relaxed and knew my work, and my clients were in safe hands. Amie crafted my words into something that sounded like me, but way more succinct and impactful than if I’d written it myself. Working with Amie gave me so much peace of mind knowing I could give her something that is very important to me and she was going to ADD to the finished product, that what I had put together would be even more helpful, more inspiring, more impactful. That's a gift. 

If you’re thinking about working with Amie I would say JUMP - especially if you want to communicate more emotion and build a stronger connection with your ideal clients. 

Kylie Patchett | Mindset Coach + Business Mentor


I was stuck on writing my About page for my new website. Every time I sat down to write I just came up blank or was never happy with what I put together. I searched the net and was confused by all the conflicting tips and to-do’s for writing your About page. Then along came Amie to save the ‘About page’ day. She was able to take what I had pieced together and magically enhance it.

The process was fun and simple. The results were exciting and I am so relieved to have an about page that I can be proud of and that captures me and my business perfectly.

Sanchia Marshall | Artist & Illustrator Extraordinaire