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How to write a newsletter that people need

How to Write a Newsletter People Actually Want to Read

Picture this: you’re wide awake at 1:17 am on a Wednesday, messing around with the subject line for your latest email newsletter – because you know this could be the difference between making money and missing the mark – and then… Nothing.  Your emails go out and hardly anyone even opens it, let alone buys…

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5 tips for an awesome contact page

5 Tips for an Awesome Contact Page

Once you’ve written an awesome homepage, about page, and a page for all of your services, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a forgettable contact page, right?  Hate to say it, but “forgettable” rarely translates to success online.  Your contact page needs to be just as awesome as the rest of your site – but it…

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7 tips for creating more engaging content on social media

7 Tips for Creating More Engaging Social Media Content

There’s no doubt about it: we’re in the midst of the social media age, and there are good and bad sides to this story. Let’s deal with the not so good side first, shall we?  Every day we’re bombarded with images of attractive, successful people who make a living just by throwing their names behind…

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Copywriting formulas to get you more connection, clicks and cash

4 Simple Copywriting Formulas That Will Get You More Connection, Clicks, and Cash

Have you ever watched someone throw a bunch of ingredients in a pan and come out with an amazing meal?  That’s kind of what it’s like watching a pro copywriter pull an entire email sequence, sales page, or opt-in out of their brain and onto a page – but here’s what you might not have…

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Guide to a high-converting sales page

The Ultimate Guide to a High-Converting Sales Page

If you’re someone who uses the internet to make a living, sales pages are your ticket to luxe beach holidays and bottomless cocktails.  Thing is, writing a sales page that actually converts visitors into customers isn’t an in-between-meetings kind of project.  It takes three key ingredients:  Time.  Skill.  An ability to reach into the heart…

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How to speak your customers language

How to speak your customer’s language

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who just seemed to get everything you were saying on another level?  Chances are they were mirroring you in their language, posture, or gestures – sort of like a game of Simon Says.  See, we’re programmed to like those who behave in a similar way to us,…

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How to write your best blog yet

Don’t have anything to blog about? Here’s how to get started writing your best piece yet.

Every great piece of writing started out as a few rough ideas scratched out on the back of a cafe serviette – or a glistening white Google doc – and there will be days when your brain is full of nothing but salted caramel dreams and cliche rom-com lines.  And on those days, starting a…

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Top 10 business tools that you need for your online business

10 Smart Business Tools That Will Give You An Online Advantage

We all have days when making coherent sentences come out of our brains feels like a mammoth task – but the good news is that you don’t have to do this online business thing all on your own.  Technology, one of the major perks that come with living in the modern age, has gifted us…

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Making video scripts more natural

Lights, camera…PANIC: How to write video scripts that sound natural

Video has long been one of the most effective ways to share your message and boost the know, like, trust factor.  A great video works a bit like magic to build your brand, but great videos don’t just happen – and without a script? It’s practically impossible to film anything worth watching.  If you’re tired…

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