How to Write a Newsletter People Actually Want to Read

How to write a newsletter that people need

Picture this: you’re wide awake at 1:17 am on a Wednesday, messing around with the subject line for your latest email newsletter – because you know this could be the difference between making money and missing the mark – and then…


Your emails go out and hardly anyone even opens it, let alone buys in, and you’re left to figure out what went wrong. 

Sound familiar? 

We’ve all been there – and because once is more than enough, I created a little guide to nailing that newsletter every time. Let’s get into it! 

Think ahead 

Before you even think about getting people to read your newsletter, you have to get them to opt-in for it, and there’s only one way to do that…

Give them something awesome for free! 

No one can resist free stuff – which is great, because it means you’re pretty much guaranteed to add a few names to your mailing list. 

If you want to be extra clever about it, make sure the content of your free opt-in is specifically tailored to your ideal customer. If you’re going to hook someone, you want to make sure you’re getting a real fish (i.e. someone with a genuine need for the stuff you’re selling) – not a piece of driftwood or a plastic bag. 

Deliver value 

The promise of value is what gets people on your list, so don’t trip at the second hurdle…

Focus on delivering targeted value that speaks to the interests of your ideal customer.

The nurture sequence that follows your opt-in will form the basis of your connection with your customers, and it should be filled with content, info, and invitations to connect. 

Best-case scenario? You’ll only need a few emails to build a rapport with your readers and keep them coming back.

Include your name in the sender space 

Creating an engaged community is all about building a reputation – so let people know who you are from the start. 

It only takes one email to set the tone, and if your readers like what you’re serving up, they’ll be inclined to open your next email as soon as they see your name. 

Nail the subject line 

In Email World, the subject line is pretty much on par with the sender space for importance. 

You need something clever and intriguing to get those open rates up, but actually creating that something is simpler than you might think! 

Forget the email subject line generators and ask yourself one simple question: 

What would make me want to open and read this email? 

Observe your own behaviour when it comes to managing the contents of your inbox, and use that Top-Secret Intel to inform your own creative approaches. 

Watch your tone 

Sure, a strong subject line is great, and getting people to open your email is half the battle – but your tone makes the reading experience interesting and fun.

People want to feel like they’re receiving emails from a friend, and no true friend would do any of these things: 

Come across as too salesy

People want to feel like their decisions are their own (even if those decisions involve bad hair dye jobs and Thursday morning hangovers) – and if you sell too hard, they won’t feel that way. You don’t want to be the copy equivalent of an aunt who uses every family Christmas as an opportunity to talk people into buying stock in her handmade tea cosy business. 

Bore you to death

Forward your copy to a friend before it goes out to your list. If they fall asleep before they get to the CTA, there’s your answer. 

Invite people to unsubscribe 

Wait…isn’t this whole exercise supposed to be about getting more emails on your list? 

Yes and no. 

A long mailing list is a wonderful (and valuable) thing, but only if the people on it are genuinely interested in your stuff. 

If they’re not opening – let alone actually reading – your content, they’ll only hurt your deliverability rate, which then affects your chances of success with everyone else. 

It’s kind of like having a really annoying friend who no one else wants to hang out with. 


Here’s the thing: writing email newsletters is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy – especially when you’ve got hundreds of other things you’d rather be doing, so…

Want to get that newsletter off your to-do list? 

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