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You're a do-er



You’ve got a business you adore, clients who depend on you and a reputation for exceptional work. You’re positively brimming with ideas just begging to be brought to life, and you’re excited for the possibilities.


There’s just one thing slowing you down...

When it comes time to sit down and turn all that action into your online copy, the words in your brain refuse to be wrangled. They come out sounding contrived, clunky and nothing like you, and if you’re honest? You know you’ll never get it done in the way that you want. It’s frustrating.

You’re here because you want that clear, creative, kick-ass copy feeling (and of course the extra cash that comes along with it).

 You’ve realised that, no matter how many hours you put in or how strong your coffee is, sometimes it takes more than drive and determination to get the results you desire.

You’re ready…

To get a plan and a process in place that frees up your time, reels in your dreamies, and gets the results you know you deserve. Plus, you’d love to have someone you can trust to put your big, brilliant ideas into words and help you escape the procrastination place for good.

Let's get you in motion!


Working with Amie was the best investment I could have made! I hired her to write a sales page for my Magical Birthdays eBook, and the whole process, from start to finish, was so easy and fun and the results really blew me away. I now have a beautiful sales page that does all the hard work for me and keeps on selling 24/7!! It can be tricky talking about yourself and your work but Amie makes it effortless. She’s easy-going, super responsive and always happy to help. I can’t recommend Amie highly enough!

Natalie Trusler | Author, Creative Mentor, Online Course Creator 

Amie is the most beautiful wordsmith. She takes your ideas, words and vision and creates an incredible work of art. She knew exactly how to get to the root of what I was trying to articulate and has been such an incredible support in getting my new online program resonating with the right people. I HIGHLY recommend Amie and her amazing copywriting skills. Thank you so much again for EVERYTHING Amie!!

Jessica Crino | Conscious Parenting Coach 

I’d been going back and forth with my copy for the launch of my program so I brought Amie on to help and right away her input was amazing. She totally nailed the brief, laying everything out perfectly and making it all sound so much better! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have it all done and there is no way I would have come anywhere close to what she has put together if I had to do it myself. Thank you so much!

Kim Hartz | Photography Mentor and Business Coach 

Amie is not only a fantastic copywriter, but was an amazing support for me during my transition back to work as a new mummy. While my baby was just 12 weeks old, Amie took my sleep-deprived ramblings and turned them into something that was nominated as article of the month!

Julia Nowland | Relationship Therapist | Whole Heart Relationships

I needed someone to help me launch my new program and Amie came HIGHLY recommended. She ‘got’ me, my voice and my audience right away. Her magical copy helped increase enrolments into my course by 120 new students. She was reliable and patient and happy to make any changes I asked for. I could not be happier with the results!

Alexis Bonavitacola | Artist and Online Course Creator 

Here’s how we can

work together:

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1-hour Copy Clarity session

This is for you if you already have your copy written and you think it’s sounding pretty just wonder if maybe it *could* work a little harder for you. In this session you’ll get the direction you need to clear your copy hurdles so you can keep moving with confidence towards your big business goals.

5-hour “Buy My Day” session

You know those days when you wake up and you’re full of inspiration and strong coffee and you start with every intention of doing something about that outdated copy on your website that still mentions 2007 or finally finishing your nurture sequence or smashing your sales page, and then...nothing? Well, THIS is not one of those days.

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3-month No-Brainer Retainer

Running a business is a long-term commitment, and the copy jobs just keep rolling on in. One day, you need a week’s worth of cringe-free social media posts, and the next, it’s time to craft two brand new sales pages with accompanying email nurture sequences for your latest offer. It’s way too much to do on your own, so skip the stress and book in for three months of drama-free copy support. 

Looking for something

a little different?

I get it: you know exactly what you need, and you want it done your way, like yesterday*. Whether you’re looking for a sales page, a website overhaul, a new email sequence, or anything else that needs words, I’m your copygirl.

*If ‘yesterday’ is actually when you need your project done, I’m probably not your copygirl. Good writing takes time and high-converting sales copy takes a fair amount of research. This is why I never do rush jobs - nope, not even for more money. I’m also typically booked several months in advance, so I’d never let anyone jump the queue. However, if you’re organised (hello, we might be soul mates) and understand that a big launch or a well crafted campaign takes time (we’ll definitely get along) then book in for a chat and see where that takes us! (maybe to the pool with a couple of cocktails?!)

Hi! I’m Amie.

I’m a conversion copywriter with a knack for nailing brand voice and an obsession for salted caramel. I earned my wordsmithy stripes over 15+ years of working in publicity, marketing and communications for nonprofits, big brands, and small businesses. I founded my own copywriting business in 2012, and I’ve spent every working hour since writing copy for wildly successful rebrands, collaborations and launches. My mission in life is to help smart women like you express themselves online in a way that feels good and gets epic results.

I know you’re not about to click away without booking in for

your free consult…

So your project doesn’t fit into a box, huh?

Here’s just a few of things
I can do for you:

sales pages

This is for you if…

  • You’ve got a brand new offer you’re ready to present to the world
  • You don’t have the time to sit down and write an epic sales page on your own (because let’s be honest - they can be a bit of a beast)
  • You really need your stuff to sell like hotcakes

website overhaul

This is for you if…

  • Your website copy just doesn’t sound like you, and you really want to change that
  • You’re ready to uplevel and fall head over heels in love with your business again
  • You wouldn’t mind getting your hands on a few luscious, list-boosting extras

emails and funnels

This is for you if…

  • You need an email sequence (or so you’ve been told but you have no idea what to write)
  • You want to launch your next big thing the right way (hint: with excellent copy)
  • You’re keen to build your list for the long-term


This is for you if…

  • You’re drowning in all the bibs 'n' bobs of your business and you want to get it done
  • You’re willing to pay per project at an hourly rate because it’s just ad hoc stuff
  • You’re ok to go on a waitlist, your stuff isn’t urgent

Looking for a little guidance, some inspo
and maybe a template or two?

Head to my shop for affordable, downloadable, super helpful copywriting resources

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Still can't find what you need?

No problems. Send me an email and I’ll see what I can do!

There are many different factors that make a project successful. Brilliant design, strategic marketing and (hate to say it) lots of hustle on your part, are all pieces of a bigger moving puzzle that need to come together in *just* the right way, at *just* the right time. 

If your project hasn’t been well thought-out right from the beginning, with enough time factored in to bring all those moving pieces together properly, you could be in trouble. If you’re not sure whether you’ve left enough time, or if you think you may need the help of other service providers, get in touch and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Copy Writing tips

Aside from the fact that her words are magic... the whole experience of working with Amie is super simple and streamlined, with no hidden surprises. My new web copy and online home feels like it's totally me again. I'm proud to send people there. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to work with Amie, DO IT!!! Book in with her now and thank me later. Not only is she a wordsmith extraordinaire, she is also a dream to work with.

Sue Muller | Founder of Smile Chickie

If you’re thinking about working with Amie, go for it, you’ll wish you had done it sooner.

Nikki Clark | Brand + Marketing Strategist

Amie nailed it! She understood my message, personality and the outcome I wanted. Plus she turned the job around fast and the whole process was easy and effortless for me.

Vesna Hrsto ND | Naturopath + Life Coach 

Amie has a genuine passion for each business she works with and this is reflected in the quality work she produces. If you’re thinking of hiring Amie, definitely go for it, you won’t regret it.

Li-Ann Scott | Creative Director + Founder Sackme


A month after the new copy was uploaded my business grew way beyond my expectations. She captured my voice perfectly but it’s now more polished and flows so much better. If you’re not feeling confident in your copy then it’s absolutely worth investing with Amie to refine your words.

Sam Cannell | Wellness Coach  



Download my sales page outline and follow the 10 simple steps to writing a standout sales page that sells.

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