7 Tips for Creating More Engaging Social Media Content

7 tips for creating more engaging content on social media

There’s no doubt about it: we’re in the midst of the social media age, and there are good and bad sides to this story.

Let’s deal with the not so good side first, shall we? 

Every day we’re bombarded with images of attractive, successful people who make a living just by throwing their names behind designer water bottles and workout plans on Instagram. 

At first glance, it’s innocuous, and after a while, a little annoying, but at the end of the day, we’d all like some of that sweet, sweet engagement. 

That’s where the good stuff comes into view. With over 3.6 billion people using social media, there’s plenty of reason to put a few hours a week into getting your stuff out there – and if you’re ready to embrace socials for all the good they can do, these tips will help you climb the engagement ladder. 

Add value 

This is tip number one because if you don’t do this, no combination of tricks or hacks will save you. 

The key to adding value on social media is to get inside the mind of your ideal customer, work out what they really want to see from you, and then do that. A lot. 

Because here’s the thing: all the tricks in the social media book won’t save you if you don’t deliver content value – meaning blogs people want to read and opt-ins worth handing over an email address for. 

Out of content ideas? Use search tools like this one to work out what people are searching for within your area of expertise, and then create content around that. 

Leave ends open 

It’s not enough to simply give value – you also have to get people interested in the value you’re creating, and a well-written social post can do just that. 

The key is to write a tantalising post that manages to be engaging while not giving everything away. Post something with a hook that leaves people wondering, and you’ll have a much better chance of getting them over to your page. 

Ask questions 

Do you prefer pizza or pasta?  

Red or blue? 

Roses or sunflowers? 

You might see those questions and immediately think, “Why are you even asking that? It doesn’t matter.” 

But it matters to me – because questions are all about making readers feel valued and appreciated, and most of us care deeply about our opinions. 

Your interest in what others are interested in signifies to them that they are valuable, and if there’s a better recipe for engagement than that, I haven’t heard it! 

Be direct 

You know when your birthday comes around and your partner, friend, or sister gets you something you never asked for, but secretly wanted? 

Yeah, that basically never happens, because you have to ask – and the same goes for getting results on social media. 

When you want people to tag their friends, leave a comment, or share your post with others, ask for it explicitly. It might feel a bit strange at first – obviously, you know what you want, so they should know too, right? – but you’ll get used to it. 

Oh, and you’ll also get used to seeing way more love on your social posts. You’re welcome. 

Keep it on-brand

A large portion of social media is visual – videos, photos, and professionally crafted Instagram squares that look so good you want to tape them to your bedroom wall.

This means that if you want to keep up with the rest of the digital world, you’ve got to get those feeds looking just right.

Your brand should have a couple of key colours and textures, and two main fonts (one fancy and one basic). 

Stick to these in your social posts, and you’ll have a look that gets you recognised on social media and beyond, and keeps people coming back for more.

Get into video

This is hardly new information, but a video is by far the best type of content for creating engagement. 

Even videos that look more like a party than a strategic piece of content have their purpose – and that purpose often boils down to one thing… 

Getting attention! 

Because once you’ve got people watching, they’re more likely to keep watching, all the way down the algorithmic rabbit hole until they get to that irresistible “Buy Now” button. 

And that button? That’s the best measure of engagement and effectiveness there is. 

Embrace your emotional side 

Showing emotion means being vulnerable, and that scares some people, but it shouldn’t. 

Put it this way: you don’t have to watch Love, Actually again or burn through Taylor Swift’s discography, but shying away from your emotions will not do you any good on the socials. 

One of the main purposes of creating content on social media is to generate an emotional response amongst your community. Whether you want them to feel joy, sadness, anger, or pain in the side that you get when you laugh too hard. 

Who needs a (slightly passive-aggressive) blue thumb when you can have a heart, a “care” emoji, or a little “wow” face?

If you’ve read through these tips, made it all the way to the end, and you’re thinking, “Now what? I don’t have the time to actually make all of this happen…” – I’ve got you covered. 

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