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Are you worried what people think of you? Do you tone yourself down or avoid putting yourself ‘out there’ altogether for fear of being judged? Are you scared others’ won’t think you’re good at what you do (hello, imposter syndrome!) so you tinker away endlessly searching for ‘perfection’ and end up not really getting anywhere in your business?


Are you scared of being seen?


I am, it’s something I struggle with all. the. time.


As someone who writes for a living, that might sound odd. But as with all creative pursuits, it’s the fear of being judged that can both spur you on and send you hiding under the covers.


I’m in my happy place when I’m helping others get seen. I love digging into what makes them, them, and then turning that into a powerful and meaningful story that resonates with their community. I love hearing my clients say they could never have put the words together like that, but it’s from their very own words that I take those stories. I guess I have a talent for putting those words together in the right order.


So, while I can happily tell you that I have a talent with words, when it comes to sharing my OWN words, I completely clam up. I get stage fright and freak out. I over analyse, spend days/weeks/months proofreading and tinkering with the copy. I’m feeling vulnerable right now just telling you this because it’s important for me to seem in control, and for others to feel I’m in control too.


Putting myself ‘out there‘ in a deeply personal and vulnerable way is scary as hell. People will judge me, they’ll talk about me, they’ll *gasp* know me!


The thing about fear though, is that you have to face it to conquer it, so here’s my attempt at facing it. Telling you guys how it makes me feel to actually send these blog posts out. To actually have this turn up in your email for all of your thoughts, judgements and considerations. Or, god forbid, not.


But really, how bad can it be to open up and give a bit of yourself to others? I mean, let’s face it, if you’ve read to this point then you’re either resonating with my message or you’re my sister. I think at least one of my sister’s are on my mailing list…but if you’re not my sister, and you’re the one person who is inspired by this post to go take action right now to face your fear, then that can’t be a bad thing.


And if you’re a Judgey McJudgey kind of reader, then that’s ok too, maybe I’ve helped you discover how you don’t want to come across online? Either way, withholding our talents, knowledge, ideas and opinions is really helping no one, so you’re better off at least trying to help someone, don’t you think?


Feeling the fear and doing it anyway will take you right on out of your comfort zone and straight into where you need to be to move forward in your business, and in your life.


What are YOU going to do TODAY, like, right now, to get one step closer to where you want to be?


What am I going to do? I’m writing this post and I’m going to publish it (eep!). But I’m also going to keep writing these types of vulnerable posts (along with all the usual helpful business posts, of course). That’s how you conquer your fear. By taking small, bold steps, consistently.


Does your fear of being seen stop you from putting all of your (best) stuff out there or are you the girl who effortlessly churns out your innermost thoughts on a weekly basis to raving fans? If you’re the latter, I’d love to know your secret 😉


Love Amie xo



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Amie has a 15+ year background in publicity, marketing and communications. She's worked with non-profits, big brands, and small business. She knows how to shape the message for maximum impact and generate real excitement around your products and programs.

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