7 simple tweaks to improve your website copy in the next 10 minutes

Improve your website copy

On your long list of to-dos, updating your website copy probably falls somewhere between mowing the lawn and vacuuming the boot of your car (i.e. you know it has to be done but meh, not today).

 …and you know what?

You’re not alone. It’s just too easy to put it off and tell yourself you’ll come back to it tomorrow (or in a few months from now).

The problem with that is, your outdated website copy could actually be turning potential clients away and costing you your chance to work with more dream clients. 

The solution? 

Read the list of easy fixes below then set your stopwatch for 10 minutes to get as many of these sections done as possible. You’ve got everything to gain – GO! 

1. Optimise your call to action

Whether you want people to buy now, sign up, or hand over their precious information, your call-to-action or CTA is key – and it’s also one of the easiest things to update so let’s start there. 

Many talented, creative and supremely passionate female entrepreneurs struggle with actually asking for the sale. They don’t want to come off sounding too ‘salesy’ or ‘pushy’ so quite often their CTA will be buried somewhere way down the page or left out altogether! 

But here’s the deal, you must give people a specific action to take, i.e. tell them exactly what you want them to do next (e.g. “Buy Now!”, “Sign Up”, or “Download My Free Guide”).

Don’t neglect your CTA, do this instead

For each page, ask yourself, what do I want my reader to Know, Feel, and Do? When you get to the ‘Do’ part, create a button or a link and ask them to click on it. 

It can be as simple and straightforward as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Book Here’ but don’t be afraid to get creative and have a bit of fun with it. You can turn ‘Sign Up’ into ‘OMG, I Need This, Stat!!’

Including a button that only leads a short way down the page might seem a bit pointless, but there is method to the madness: the act of clicking on something semi-committal tends to make people feel as though they’ve already made a decision that deserves to be followed through.

2. Boost the Banner

Your website banner is prime real estate. It’s the first thing visitors see when they land on your site and within 3 seconds they’ll make their decision to either click away or stick around for just a bit longer. This is your one big chance to win them over. If your banner doesn’t instantly tell them what you do, who you’re for and how you can help them, they’ll be out of there. 

To make sure they stick around, include a killer headline that pinpoints their main struggle (more on that later), then add a button or a link to more information about you or your services. 

If your homepage banner has nothing more than a lovely photo of you and a generic statement or simple line of text, add a bold call to action and a button or link that takes them straight to more information about you or your services. For example:

Instead of:

Portrait Photography Services

Try something more specific, like:

We Are The Sydney-based Outdoor Portrait Photography Specialists

From Bondi to the Blue Mountains, we’ll capture the magical moments of you and your family to perfection, even if the weather isn’t.

[Book Now]

3. Add your USP above the fold

Let’s get one thing straight: your visitor didn’t land on your website by accident. She ended up there because she was looking for something – a solution to her problem. The right USP – your unique selling proposition or point of difference – can help reassure her she’ll find that solution with you.


At the most basic level, your USP should make her want to know more without requiring a significant investment (and by “significant investment”, I mean “decision to keep scrolling down the page”). That decision will be based on whether she can relate to you and your business and whether or not she feels she’s come to the right place and you’ll be able to help her.

What does ‘above the fold’ mean? Make sure you position your USP on your web page banner or immediately below it so she doesn’t have to scroll to find it. 

4. Create a conversational tone

In modern online business circles, language that sounds ‘too formal’ is considered a death knell. Why? Because it breaks the “Bestie” rule. You want your reader to feel as though you’re a friend dropping in with some helpful advice, you understand her and what she needs and you’ve got something that’s going to change everything for her.

If that sounds like a lot of work, you’ll be pleased to know it’s actually fairly simple to take your tone from stuffy and impersonal to powerfully persuasive. 

The first and most important step you can take is personalising your po by replacing words like “they”, “them”, and “people” with “you” and “yours”. This way, your reader will feel like she’s directly involved in the conversation, which builds connection and trust. 

So, instead of:

This program is for parents who want to learn how to be more patient and peaceful so they can enjoy better relationships with their kids.

Try something like this:

If you want to be a more peaceful and present parent and build a stronger connection with your kids, this program will help you do that.

5. Master microcopy

It may be small, but microcopy can make a mighty difference to the user experience on your website. These little snippets can pack a powerful punch and help minimise the chances of your visitors getting confused or lost on your site – we’re talking sign-up fields, checkboxes, and any time they need to enter payment information, and that’s just for starters. 

The key to creating effective microcopy is to keep it simple:  give your visitor a clear direction and they’ll be much more likely to follow through. Don’t be afraid to add your personality and a little bit of fun for a more enjoyable and memorable experience for your visitors.

For example, you know the little pieces of copy in very small font at the bottom of newsletters or subscription emails? The part where you find the sender’s address and other boring legal bits and pieces like the unsubscribe link? Yeah, that bit! Why not win them over at the last minute with something cute like the creative geniuses at Go-To Skincare:

You are receiving this email because you signed up at gotoskincare website. This was an excellent decision, and one you should feel very proud of.

6. Heroic Headlines

Creating website copy without headings is like driving through a town without a map: new visitors will eventually get tired of driving around aimlessly, trying to take in all the big confusing, text-laden road signs, until they eventually turn around and leave. 

Not to worry – giving them the structure they’re craving is as simple as adding the right headlines! Clear and compelling headlines break everything up, add much needed white space and help draw the eye to the sections of copy you’re trying to highlight.

7. Vibrant Verbs

Great sentences are built on a foundation of strong verbs, so don’t let your website copy crumble. Opting for interesting, active language is a great way to fill your reader with the energy they need to actually go after the thing they want (and say ‘yes’ to your offer, of course!). 

There you have it! 7 small steps towards big, bold results. 

Wondering if your sentences could be structured a little more effectively? A content analysis tool like Yoast will help you to find and implement potential improvements. And if you still need some reassurance and confidence that your copy is converting optimally, I am now offering 1 hour consultations to help you knock over your copy blocks. 

To find out more or to book your spot, click here >>

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