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How to write an effective autoresponder

By amie | Sep 5, 2016

    An autoresponder, or ‘nurture sequence’,  is an automated series of emails designed to move prospective customers further down your sales funnel.   Ok, so the thought of drip feeding emails to your list, slowly filling up people’s already overflowing inboxes, might feel a little pushy or salesy (and done badly they certainly can be) but…

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Microcopy: tiny words, big impact

By amie | Aug 30, 2016

  As with most things in life, it’s the little things that can make all the difference.   Placing a simple vase of fresh flowers in the centre of a room can lift the mood for anyone who enters it. The careful placement of a beautiful throw to your bed or an armchair can soften…

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4 things you should know before hiring a copywriter

By amie | Aug 30, 2016

  Whether you’re just getting started in business, or you’re running an established online empire, chances are you’ve thought about hiring a copywriter.   Unless you already have, in which case you already know what I’m about to say.   Or do you…?   I’m talking about the four essential elements you need to have nailed down before…

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12 Steps To A High Converting Sales Page

By amie | Mar 23, 2016

  If you type into google, ‘how to write a sales page’ or ‘how to write great sales pages that convert’, or even ‘how to write bloody great sales pages that convert and make you shit tons of money’, you’ll get a million different posts, all promising to give you the best way to write a…

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Being seen

By amie | Nov 2, 2015

  Are you worried what people think of you? Do you tone yourself down or avoid putting yourself ‘out there’ altogether for fear of being judged? Are you scared others’ won’t think you’re good at what you do (hello, imposter syndrome!) so you tinker away endlessly searching for ‘perfection’ and end up not really getting anywhere…

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How changing this one thing in my business changed everything

By amie | Sep 3, 2015

  Starting my own copywriting business was hands down the best decision I ever made. It was also the easiest one.   I’d left my job in corporate communications to have baby #2, and we’d recently made the move from Melbourne back to Adelaide to be closer to family. An old friend got in touch…

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How to Write The Perfect About Page (+ a handy template)

By amie | Aug 21, 2015

  You’ve just stumbled upon a gorgeous website. You love the design and the way it feels. You want to find out more about the business and the people behind it.   Where do you go next? Yep, straight to the About page.   If a homepage is the storefront for your business, then the About page is your staff…

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Get glowing testimonials + free scripts

By amie | Feb 25, 2015

  You’ve just set up your business, your brand new website looks fantastic, you’re ready to go live and share your amazing new product or service with the world. There’s just one more thing you need, and it’s kinda hard to get when you’re just starting out – testimonials, or better yet, great testimonials. Glowing words…

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Dealing with blogger’s block

By amie | Nov 17, 2014

  You haven’t written a blog post in a while.   You know you’ll need to touch base with your readers soon or they’ll forget who you are.   But what are you going to write about?   You start looking around the room for inspiration. You wonder what things your readers really want to…

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