I'm Amy_v3

Feeling overwhelmed by all the copy you have to write?

You’ve got a business you adore, a steadily growing tribe, and a brilliant idea for a new product or program you know is gonna sell like hotcakes.

Only thing is...

It's still sitting in draft mode, tucked away in a bulging Evernote folder marked 'ideas'.

It's positively begging to be brought to life, you know it has potential to help others, and it'll bring a ton of possibilities for your own business...

...but when it comes to finding the right words, and enough time in your day, you're struggling to give it the attention it deserves.

That's where I can help you move things forward. 

I write copy that's fresh, strategic and sounds like YOU...

...which means you can tell your story, sell your thing, and reach your goals faster.

If you want copy that's confident, compelling and completely YOU, click here and let's get  started



Download the essential sales page outline and follow my 12 easy steps to a sales page that connects + converts.





I have repeatedly turned to Amie when I'm after quality copy without the cheesy sales. It’s important for me to be authentic, non-judgemental and congruent with my message and this is exactly what Amie creates.

Julia Nowland | Relationship Therapist




If you’re thinking about working with Amie, go for it, you’ll wish you had done it sooner.


Nikki Clark | Brand + Marketing Strategist



Amie took what I had pieced together and magically enhanced it. The process was fun and simple. The results were exciting and I'm so relieved to have an about page that captures me and my business perfectly.


Sanchia Marshall | Artist & Illustrator Extraordinaire 




Amie has a genuine passion for each business she works with and this is reflected in the quality work she produces. If you’re thinking of hiring Amie, definitely go for it, you won’t regret it.

Li-Ann Scott | Designer + Founder awesome bedding brand




Amie nailed it! She understood my message, personality and the outcome I wanted. Plus she turned the job around fast and the whole process was easy and effortless for me. 


Vesna Hrsto ND | Naturopath + Life Coach




If you’re thinking of working with Amie I would say JUMP - especially if you want to communicate more emotion and build a stronger connection with your ideal clients. 

Kylie Pratchett | Mindset Coach

Web Copy

Authentic, creative and strategic copy that sounds just like you and gives you confidence to share your unique message in a big way.


Your words + a good sprinkling of my fairy dust = copy that connects and converts and you can feel proud to publish. 

About Page

A compelling story that tells your people who you are, what you believe in, and most importantly, just how you can help them.

Sales Copy

Sales copy that delights and entices your ideal client to take action, because it makes her feel like it was written just for her.

Need copy?



I'll get it done. You get back to what you do best.



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