12 Steps To A High Converting Sales Page


If you type into google, ‘how to write a sales page’ or ‘how to write a great sales page that converts’, or even ‘how to write a bloody great sales page that converts and makes you shit tons of money’, you’ll get a million different posts, all promising to give you the best way to write a sales page.


Truth is, there really is no one way to write a sales page, and even if you do nail your copy, there’s still no guarantees your page will convert. You need to have done your market research, have a quality product and get the timing right. Then you need good design, a great marketing campaign, and you also have to hustle like crazy.


But there are certain things you can do to enhance your sales page without making it feel pushy or skeezy (this is a real fear amongst many creative and wholehearted entrepreneurs).


The aim is to end up with something that talks directly to the benefits or solutions your dream clients are looking for that will help solve their most pressing problems. If you can do that, you’re half way there.


Your sales page is all about benefits, baby.


Features are great, but they don’t actually sell anything. Have a look at this:


Product – Online Kundalini yoga classes

Feature – Access to all instructional videos allowing you to take classes anytime, in your own home

Benefit – Feel more relaxed, greater flexibility, increased muscle strength, improved concentration


So the benefits of an offer, not the offer itself, are what’s most valuable to your clients. The benefits are what you’re really selling. Focus heavily on solving your customer’s problems and your sales page will have a much better chance of converting.


Now let’s think about your ideal customer (if you’re still a bit vague on who that is, this exercise will help you get a bit clearer).


1. How does she feel?

Put yourself in her shoes. What problem does she have that your product or service can help her solve? How does she feel about her problem right now?


Here’s an example; you’re launching a 6 week liver cleansing program. Your ideal client is health conscious but she’s been partying a little too hard lately. You might say something like;


Has the silly season left you feeling foggy, bloated and fatigued? Had one too many late nights and three too many Chrissy drinks followed by those pesky little can’t-stop-at-one canapés? 


Tap into how she feels right now. Appeal to her current state of mind and describe the problem she’s experiencing in the language she would use herself.


2. How does she want to feel?

How would she feel if there was a solution available to her right now? Hint: this is your opportunity to frame your offering as the perfect solution for her. So something like:


Is your poor overworked liver in need of a little TLC right now? If only you could get your energy back you’d be more inclined to exercise, it’s a vicious cycle. My ABC liver cleanse program has been specially designed to help you get back on track faster and easier than you thought possible, giving you more energy to get back to the things you love doing.


If you can reflect back to her how she’s feeling she’ll feel like you really understand her and she’ll want to know more.


3. How does the product/service help her feel that way?

Give her the reasons your product/service will help her feel the way she wants to feel? This is where you explain the benefits to her. Be specific.


Using our liver cleanse example here’s where you explain exactly how the cleanse works. List out the ingredients, explain exactly what they do and what effects they have on the body. There’s no need to go into a full chemistry lesson here, but you do need to match up your product with her needs (ingredient X assists with weight loss; ingredient Y is known for its energy boosting properties; ingredient Z boosts concentration). Provide all the necessary information in a clear and succinct way and turn her curiosity into concrete benefits.


4. About the creator (that’s you!)

This is where you tell your story, the part that relates directly to the product/service that you’re selling. Giving real examples and authentic stories can help people visualise how this product/service will help them and also helps you connect with your reader.


You might say something like:


I created the ABC liver cleanse six years ago. I was partying pretty hard, working harder. I was constantly burning the candle at both ends. Eating dodgy food on the run and too many after-work drinks left me feeling tired and bloated all the time. I really didn’t like myself at all. I knew there had to be a better way, a better life, so I  made a decision to change. I got busy learning as much as I could about nutrition and healthy weight loss. I took courses and programs and spent hundreds of hours discovering what works, and what doesn’t. This program is the result of 6 years of blood sweat and tears, it has helped me live my best life, and I know it’s going to help you too.


5. Credibility (testimonials)

Your sales page will feel more authentic if you can show how much your offering has helped others.


Ideally, you want to pepper your praise throughout the page. Try to get testimonials from people who are successful in your industry. At the very least try to get testimonials from people who fit in your target demographic.  Adding a photo of that person (with their permission) makes even more of a connection and adds more credibility.


Just starting out and haven’t got any testimonials yet? Offer your product or services to a few key people for free in exchange for their testimonial.


A quick word on asking for feedback…


When asking people for their feedback make sure the questions you ask will give the specific answers you’re looking for. Also, make sure the people who have volunteered to receive your product or service in exchange for their feedback actually give it to you. When people aren’t invested (aka don’t really need or want what you’re selling) it’s easy for them to say yes and then not actually show up for you.


If you don’t find the right people you’ll end up with a lot of good intentioned empty promises to ‘get back to you later’. Send them questions designed to give you the type of answers you’re looking for like, “what were the specific results you gained from using my product/service”. Be sure to give them a date to have their answers back to you by.


6. About the creative process – how it came about

Here’s where you can go into a bit more detail about WHY you created this offering. And if you haven’t watched this Ted Talk then you should go and watch it now, it’ll change how you feel about sales forever, it’ll also give you some insight into why your WHY is so important.


7. Why this is different and helpful

There’s probably thousands of products and services on the market that are exactly like yours so make sure you tease out and highlight why yours is so different and so darn helpful/useful/reliable – give examples.


8. Action steps (why should she buy)

This speaks to the benefits for her again. Remind her of all the good she’ll get when she makes the purchase. She’ll have more time, she’ll finally get the answers to her pressing problem so she can move forward, she’ll have that beautiful thing that will light up her day and fill her life with awesomeness – give her a feeling of freedom.


9. What they get – spell this out in great detail

Here’s where you get super specific without giving away all the juiciest bits. If you’re offering a 6 week ecourse you’ll break it down for her into what you’ll get for each of those weeks.


If you’re selling a VIP day then you’ll list out all of the life-changing information they’ll be getting from your session and exactly how it will help them in a real-world tangible way. Be clear, be specific and break it down into easy to follow chunks.


Stack the value, add bonuses

If you’re offering added bonuses or early bird pricing now is the time to let them know about it. Be really clear about the value they’ll receive from your bonus, specifically what they have to do to get it, and the date/time the offer ends.


By including special offers/discounts or bonuses you are increasing the perceived value of your overall offering.


10. Frequently asked questions

Here’s where you can address any objections she might have. Think about all the valid reasons she may have for not wanting to act/buy/spend right now, and then tell her why she should and exactly how it will benefit her. Even if you think it’s been covered already in the copy, it definitely doesn’t hurt to highlight it again in the FAQs.


Ask your friends or family to read over the sales page and see if there’s anything about your offering they still don’t understand. Turn those into questions and answer them in a clear and succinct way.


11. Your investment

Some people like to intersperse the price throughout the page, while others put it at the end, once they’ve convinced the reader. I’ve used both methods and I really don’t think it makes that much of a difference, to be honest.


If you have a quality product, and you’ve positioned it correctly with the right audience, then where you place your pricing really doesn’t matter. There’s been sales pages that I’ve scrolled for the price before even reading a single word, and others where I’ve read every single line before finally coming to the price at the bottom and it being way cheaper than I thought.


Make the offer irresistible by stacking value (see point 9) and consider offering a money back gurantee. This builds trust and confidence (if she’s willing to give my money back, she must really stand by it), but if you’re going to do this make sure you are prepared to honour the guarantee with a big smile and no hard feelings.


Remind them of their bonuses. Reassure them that they’re making a smart move working with you and congratulate them for taking action.


12. Share buttons

Remember to add your call to action and ask people to help you spread the word. Make sure your social media buttons are placed right under your other call to action, which of course is to – buy now!


A few other things to keep in mind


  • Headlines to set up a promise – make them curious, entice them to keep reading.
  • Break out every detail of what it does for them emotionally and financially. Stack value, fill the reader with a sense that the offer is exactly what they need and the price at the end is a no-brainer!
  • Make your potential customers see the product is worth 10x what you’re charging. Include the monetary value of each of your bonuses or special offers and point out how much they would be missing out on (whether it be financially, or through missed opportunities) if they don’t buy.
  • Consider creating a short video to introduce yourself and your offer – make it no more than 6 minutes – infuse your personality into it – this helps potential clients to get to know like and trust you.
  • Make sure your copy is clear and easy to read. Give it the Aunt Maude test. If your Aunty Maude reads it and can’t tell you what it’s about, then you need to go back and revise the copy.
  • Spacing and layout are important – headings, subheadines, short paragraphs and ample white space around the text all help the reader’s eye flow effortlessly over a page. If you can’t afford a web designer who can lay the copy out for you then have a look around at some other beautiful sales pages that are doing all the right things. See how you can incorporate some of the above techniques to make sure your page is easy to read and the eye can scan easily over the most important information.


I hope you’ve found this helpful. If you did, please share this with your biz buddies and anyone who is struggling to write their own copy. If you’re not quite yet at the point in your business where you can outsource the task of writing your sales copy to a professional copywriter then these tips will help.


I’d love to hear how you go with your sales page copy – feel free to pop the link to your page down below and I’ll give you my feedback 🙂


love Amie xo



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